Dilu Gandharba

Dilu was 19 years old when he started narrating Katha Mitho Sarangiko.

His parents died when he was very 5 years old, his mother of fever, his father in a car accident

He was adopted by a returned Indian army soldier Kulbahadur Gurung

The furthest West he’s traveled is Mahendrengar with his friend Bhumi

The furthest East he’s traveled is Dharan where he took part in the Dharan cultural festivalin 2009

The furthest north he’s traveled is Gamghadi after a fellow Gandharba tricked him into thinking he would make lots of money in the Karnali region

Dilu has a Mit called Sukinder whom he hasn’t seen for a very long time.

Dilu has been beaten up three times in the past three years:

  • In Kathmandu by a gang of thieves
  • In the village of Chiso Pani when he discovered a man cutting the village water pipe
  • On the way from Surkhet to Gamgahdi when some children followed him and he was accused of child abduction.