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About the Drama

Katha Mitho Sarangiko (Sweet Tales of the Sarangi) was first broadcast in February 2008. Since then over a 100 episodes have been recorded. It was the first travelling radio drama in the country, recording on-location, using ordinary people as well as professional actors.

The main narrator is Dilu Gandharba. He has a passion for stories, music and journeys.  This has taken him all over Nepal, entertaining people with his Sarangi, telling stories from his own experience and from the experience of others. Like many of his listeners, Dilu struggles to make a living. Besides playing Sarangi, he’s worked on a building site, and  he’s done seasonal farm work,

Born into a Dallit caste, Dilu has a natural sympathy for people suffering injustice, poverty. He is single, free and makes friends easily; he’s  helped many women and men sort out their problems – legal, financial and romantic.